On a three day trip to seaside town Folkestone myself, Elliot Elder and Charlie Hood were tasked with producing a publication documenting our brief stay in the town while simultaneously drawing a parallel with a predetermined text.

Hugo Grotius's 'Mare Liberum' describes through metaphors a nondescript process that we interpreted the poem to be attrition, defined as the process of reducing something's strength or effectiveness through sustained attack or pressure.

We decided to document the town through photography paying close attention to the corrosion and wear on architecture. Being a prime example of an old seaport cracked concrete and bent steel is plentiful. We placed our photographic findings alongside the poem and developed a short book entitled 'Attrition'. Sticking with the theme of corrosion the book is entirely printed in charcoal which consequently making it impossible to read without some level of corrosion taking place on the pages themselves.